Back to Canada

Our second residency in Fabro, Italy has ended. :-(

We had another spectacular 3 months of Umbrian countryside and cuisine and have several new songs from our experience. Our new album concept is continuing to percolate and we hope to pursue the recording project in the coming year. We also recorded a Beatle cover, 'Don't Let Me Down', at G-Recording Studio in Fabro, which was great fun.  It should be up on youtube when Gianni finishes mixing it.

I'm learning to almost master some favourite Italian, particularly Umbrian, dishes:  Baccala (salt cod) with raisins and pine nuts, spaghetti with lupini (baby clams in shells) and eggplant parmigiano. I'm hoping to manage Parmigiana di Cardi, which is thistle baked with parmesan. OMG, so yum. Now to find the right thistles in Ontario. OUCH!

We are now back to the February of southern Ontario. We've already had several walks when the falling snow was fluffy and no wind. That's when winter is beautiful.

Our most current project here at home is to begin creating new and interesting videos for our songs. Making it fun!

The first will be Picov Downs. Because we're doing this ourselves, who knows how long it will take.

Stay tuned for the fun.

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