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Just Horsin' Around

Just Horsin' Around

Fraser & Girard News

St Andrews As Viewed From the Air 


We have played at the local art gallery, Sunbury Shores, Kingsbrae Garden and at guest home, Salty Towers. We have made the acquaintance of two outstanding musical artists, Owen Steel and Ryan LeBlanc and have attended several musical performances since arriving here last May (2018). 


Peaceful St. Andrews-by-the-Sea 

We are back in beautiful St. Andrews, New Brunswick, Canada for the summer. We're looking forward to friends, old and new, the fresh seafood omg, spectacular healthy air, and more and more music. We're now starting to consider new recording options; how, where, with whom. The songs keep percolating around and around and it's time to get them down. 

Also in the works; Ontario and westward tour for spring 2019.

Back to Canada 

Our second residency in Fabro, Italy has ended. :-(

We had another spectacular 3 months of Umbrian countryside and cuisine and have several new songs from our experience. Our new album concept is continuing to percolate and we hope to pursue the recording project in the coming year. We also recorded a Beatle cover, 'Don't Let Me Down', at G-Recording Studio in Fabro, which was great fun.  It should be up on youtube when Gianni finishes mixing it.

I'm learning to almost master some favourite Italian, particularly Umbrian, dishes:  Baccala (salt cod) with raisins and pine nuts, spaghetti with lupini (baby clams in shells) and eggplant parmigiano. I'm hoping to manage Parmigiana di Cardi, which is thistle baked with parmesan. OMG, so yum. Now to find the right thistles in Ontario. OUCH!

We are now back to the February of southern Ontario. We've already had several walks when the falling snow was fluffy and no wind. That's when winter is beautiful.

Our most current project here at home is to begin creating new and interesting videos for our songs. Making it fun!

The first will be Picov Downs. Because we're doing this ourselves, who knows how long it will take.

Stay tuned for the fun.

Autumn Reunion. 

Three months have passed. Allan has been in Halifax NS, and I have just returned from Melbourne AU and the birth of my first grandchild; baby boy Arlo Francis McCaw Girard-King, born July 8, 8 1/2 lbs. 

We are in beautiful St. Andrews by-the-sea, in New Brunswick, as artists-in-residence at Saltý Towers, for the fabulous month of September.

We're enjoying catching up after three months, finishing new songs in the works, and being part of this vibrant and supportive community.. The new songs are taking shape, we're breathing the good air, eating haddock, and meeting the locals through our hosts Jamie and Deb.

A special songwriters' concert is scheduled. 

We'll be in touch again soon. 


Back Home in Canada for Spring and Summer '17 

In August 2016, bulldozers appeared on our street in Orangeville and began months of destruction, chaos and dust. Wanting a better view, Marianne and I went to visit a friend in Italy... and stayed. Looking out over the hills of Umbria, we found renewed inspiration and continued to deepen our artistic work.  We recorded several songs in a local studio while enjoying the wine and cuisine of the region. In December, we flew to Mexico to spend Christmas in the sun... and stayed. With the new camaraderie of local musicians, our inspiration continued. We returned to Ontario for tour dates in May.  We'll spend the summer separately with family, Marianne in Melbourne, Australia and Allan, in Halifax, Nova Scotia. In September, we reunite in St Andrews-By-The Sea, New Brunswick for a month-long artists' residency at Salty Towers

In October, we return to Italy to prepare for more concerts. 

Ciao from Italia 

We're enjoying immensely our time here in Italy. We're recording new material at Studio G here in Fabro, and finding new rest and inspiration for writing. It would suit us fine to stay here and continue writing for years to come. That's the anchor in our lives, nurturing creativity and making art.
in November we go to Freiburg, Germany and then on to UK. 
Stay tuned for more adventures

Italian Holiday and Activity Since May 

Time slips by so quickly. In May we gave a house concert in Belleville, Ontario and then continued through to Quebec to play a club in Ormstown called Gigzz and met up with old friends from the area where Allan lived for ten years and we had a meeting the talented and charming Christopher Pennington . From there we drove to North Carolina to attend a music conference where we were featured in three different showcases and did a video of some of our new songs. We played just outside Union Station in Toronto in a noon outdoor concert and then on to Fred Eaglesmith's Annual Charity Picnic in Aylmer, Ontario. We played there last year as well and we got a chance to relax and visit with Fred and Tiffany at there trailer before the show. 

We then performed at our third annual picnic in London at Marianne's brother Mike's home near London, Ontario. In June, we decided to take a hiatus as an opportunity came up for us to visit Italy for a few months, so we have packed our things into a storage unit and we fly to Umbria, Italy on Sunday. Our friends David Hines and Lynette Fairweather have our cats while we are in Europe  and they seemed very happy there when we attended a party there a few weeks ago. You do get attached over three years. This Saturday, August 27, 2016 at the Black Swan in Toronto,  we will record one of Tony Quarrington songs, Hellhound On My Lawn, for inclusion on an album of Quarrington's original songs to be released next winter. Also on the bill are Jon Brooks, Joe Hall, Wendell Ferguson; Laura Fernandez and several other artists. 

Quote for May Day 

From Quotes of the day. Thanks to songwriter exemplaire  Gretchen Peters and her wonderful, informative site.

Stephen Sondheim’s Three Principles of Lyric Writing
There are only three principles necessary for a lyric writer, all of them familiar truisms. They were not immediately apparent to me when I started writing, but have come into focus via Oscar Hammerstein’s tutoring, Strunk and White’s huge little book The Elements of Style and my own sixty-some years of practicing the craft. I have not always been skilled or diligent enough to follow them as faithfully as I would like, but they underlie everything I’ve ever written. In no particular order, and to be inscribed in stone: 

Content Dictates Form 

Less Is More 

God Is in the Details 

All in the service of Clarity without which nothing else matters. 

* * * * * * * *



Fraser & Girard Join Forces, Create Magic

Musicians Allan Fraser and Marianne Girard had been crossing paths for more than thirty years. One evening in August 2013, over tea, they met again under a Japanese maple tree on College Street in Toronto and the two well established and highly regarded Canadian singer/songwriters joined heads, hearts and their two lifetimes of music. 

"This new collaboration, Fraser & Girard, shows all the magic that can occur when two gifted singer/songwriters join forces. Both have great songs. Both have everything it takes to completely satisfy an audience on their own. Together, they offer an abundance of riches. The resulting musical chemistry unfolds in spontaneous and unpredictable ways, creating one moment after another of unexpected grace and joy." — David Hines, Toronto

With great pleasure, we present this exciting, new collaboration, Fraser & Girard.