Quote for May Day

From Quotes of the day. Thanks to songwriter exemplaire  Gretchen Peters and her wonderful, informative site.

Stephen Sondheim’s Three Principles of Lyric Writing
There are only three principles necessary for a lyric writer, all of them familiar truisms. They…

Vote For Fraser & Girard In CBC Searchlight Contest

We made it to the Regional Finals. 'Picov Down's' rides again!  Help us make it to the Top 25.
Click on the image and vote. And you can vote from Anywhere, no matter where you live.
Thank you. 


New Archival Fraser and DeBolt Double Album International Release

From 1969 until 1975, Allan Fraser was half of Fraser and DeBolt on Columbia Records. Even today, their two albums remain influential and appreciated by many who witnessed their performances. Roaratorio Records in Minneapolis, MN has just released a double…

Fraser & Girard Showcase At Folk Music Ontario Conference

photo: Michael Kornfeld

Sponsored by Folk Music Canada's Export Development Program, Fraser & Girard participated in the Folk Music Ontario conference in Toronto October 15 - 17. This gave them the chance to meet promoters, music festival artistic directors, journalists…

FamJam Return Engagement a Success

Thanks Mike and Jeanette Girard for a good evening with family and friends, delicious food and a wonderful scotch tasting. We had a fine time and here is a live performance photo taken by Marianne's niece, filmaker Tess Girard during…

The Mighty Penny Blues

Marianne was charged almost $50 for a transaction with insufficient funds by $.01. She contacted the consummers advocate at Global TV News and was able to get justice. Fraser and Girard wrote a song about the event called The Mighty…

CD Launch a Beautiful Success

Thank you to everyone who came out to see us at Hugh's Room, last Sunday, June 14. You were an amazing audience, and made our job easy.
Thank you to Beverly Kreller of SPEAK Music Publicity  for getting the…