St Andrews As Viewed From the Air


We have played at the local art gallery, Sunbury Shores, Kingsbrae Garden and at guest home, Salty Towers. We have made the acquaintance of two outstanding musical artists, Owen Steel and Ryan LeBlanc and have attended several musical performances…

Peaceful St. Andrews-by-the-Sea

We are back in beautiful St. Andrews, New Brunswick, Canada for the summer. We're looking forward to friends, old and new, the fresh seafood omg, spectacular healthy air, and more and more music. We're now starting to consider new recording options…

Back to Canada

Our second residency in Fabro, Italy has ended. :-(

We had another spectacular 3 months of Umbrian countryside and cuisine and have several new songs from our experience. Our new album concept is continuing to percolate and we…


Autumn Reunion.

Three months have passed. Allan has been in Halifax NS, and I have just returned from Melbourne AU and the birth of my first grandchild; baby boy Arlo Francis McCaw Girard-King, born July 8, 8 1/2 lbs. 

We are…


Back Home in Canada for Spring and Summer '17

In August 2016, bulldozers appeared on our street in Orangeville and began months of destruction, chaos and dust. Wanting a better view, Marianne and I went to visit a friend in Italy... and stayed. Looking out over the hills of Umbria, we found renewed…


Ciao from Italia

We're enjoying immensely our time here in Italy. We're recording new material at Studio G here in Fabro, and finding new rest and inspiration for writing. It would suit us fine to stay here and continue writing for years to…

Italian Holiday and Activity Since May

Time slips by so quickly. In May we gave a house concert in Belleville, Ontario and then continued through to Quebec to play a club in Ormstown called Gigzz and met up with old friends from the area where Allan…

Quote for May Day

From Quotes of the day. Thanks to songwriter exemplaire  Gretchen Peters and her wonderful, informative site.

Stephen Sondheim’s Three Principles of Lyric Writing
There are only three principles necessary for a lyric writer, all of them familiar truisms. They were…

Vote For Fraser & Girard In CBC Searchlight Contest

We made it to the Regional Finals. 'Picov Down's' rides again!  Help us make it to the Top 25.
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New Archival Fraser and DeBolt Double Album International Release

From 1969 until 1975, Allan Fraser was half of Fraser and DeBolt on Columbia Records. Even today, their two albums remain influential and appreciated by many who witnessed their performances. Roaratorio Records in Minneapolis, MN has just released a double…