Back Home in Canada for Spring and Summer '17

In August 2016, bulldozers appeared on our street in Orangeville and began months of destruction, chaos and dust. Wanting a better view, Marianne and I went to visit a friend in Italy... and stayed. Looking out over the hills of Umbria, we found renewed inspiration and continued to deepen our artistic work.  We recorded several songs in a local studio while enjoying the wine and cuisine of the region. In December, we flew to Mexico to spend Christmas in the sun... and stayed. With the new camaraderie of local musicians, our inspiration continued. We returned to Ontario for tour dates in May.  We'll spend the summer separately with family, Marianne in Melbourne, Australia and Allan, in Halifax, Nova Scotia. In September, we reunite in St Andrews-By-The Sea, New Brunswick for a month-long artists' residency at Salty Towers

In October, we return to Italy to prepare for more concerts. 

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